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Organizing Expert

Seana Turner, PO

Seana Turner

Seana Turner is the founder & President of The Seana Method in Darien, CT. The Seana Method is a structured approach to organizing the three aspects of daily life: space, time, and responsibilities....

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Clearing More Space: Organizing a Messy Garage

Written by Seana Turner, PO.

Few spaces collect clutter like a garage. We dump items here which don’t fit elsewhere, and it is often our “go to” place for the dirty, the large and the wet. Once a year it is a good idea to empty it out and give it an overhaul.

If you’ve never organized your garage, you may want to spend a little time actually planning your garage, and maybe even invest in an a shelving or storage system. There are multiple options on the market to maximize the storage and accessibility of your space.

What You Need:

  • A plan (make a drawing of how you will use the space. Remember to consider your walls and vertical space).
  • A budget. Decide in advance how much you have to spend. This will help as you consider garage storage systems.