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Founder's message

A new venture is always a scary undertaking.  This one has been years in the making.  I’ve been studying topics on life for years; this is the way I learned things.  Years ago, I realized there were two strategies: way to do something and way to do something right.  And believe me, doing it correctly makes a significant difference. Some of this information I learned the hard way, and as I did, I wished it were a bit easier.  Somewhere, though, I stopped wishing and decided that I would create a resource that would track information about life and make it accessible to people. Finally, the time seems right. I was going to wait until I finished my residency training in Radiology before I embarked on this venture, but it just sort of started: somehow a programmer became involved, and somehow I found an editor. The pieces started to fall in place on their own, so even with all that I have going on in life - we have begun.

Over the last ten years, I’ve worked on many different ventures, companies, ideas - maybe to a point where my family and friends probably wondered what I was doing with my life.  Some of these ideas didn’t connect with each other and some were extremely random. But little did they know I had a plan: I was testing and figuring out the pieces - I was determined to build what I call Project LIFE.    

So, here is the first piece - the website. I am guessing that what’s in my head and the entire “system” will take another ten years to develop. And today, as I write this, we are the smallest we’ll ever be. Today, we are a very small and poor company with big goals and dreams. Right now, it’s just me, a programmer, an editor and a few friends who are helping to make this a reality. All of our funding, or (lack thereof) comes directly from my meager radiology resident salary. Yet, it can only get better from here.  Even with these limited resources, we have concentrated on creating a beautiful website that will hopefully grow into a high-tech online database of highly researched, top-quality expert information to improve your life in terms of health, finances, relationships, and several other areas. Our focus for 2012 is to build the website and content. But there are a lot more exciting things on the way.

It is my greatest hope that you will find something useful here. As time goes on--as we are able to develop more content and have access to more resources, the site will become increasingly valuable to your life.  And hopefully, you will help us to accomplish these goals.  Everyone is great at something. Everyone knows something to help make another human’s life more rewarding, well-informed, and enjoyable. We can each help teach others to improve lives, even if just a little bit. The future you and the next generation will benefit from our collective wisdom.  Maybe you’re great at organizing. Maybe you have figured out the “staying clean and organized” business. Maybe you’re a whiz at balancing your finances. Maybe you’re simply a productive individual who gets things done. Regardless, your skills are valuable and your techniques can help others.  If you have ideas and would like to help write an article to improve the lives of other people, please let us know.

Welcome to Project LIFE!

Sumit Dua